Our Core Values

We Foster Education

Learning doesn’t have to be difficult. We give people the tools and language they need in clear simple to understand techniques. By approaching it very much ‘hands-on’ everybody can start to see the difference straight away.

We Pursue Excellence

The difference between “just OK” and great is not a lot. It comes down to good techniques and application. By ensuring that what we teach is easy to remember and implement, we provide the opportunity for individuals and tams to really raise the standard of their productions.


We achieve more together than alone. By encouraging team growth and connecting to others in the wider community, we foster a spirit of encouragement, unity and belonging. The concepts we teach are easy to pass on, so once they’re up to speed, ┬áthe team can teach new members themselves.

We Create Fun

Everybody learns better when they are enjoying themselves, and production is a creative enjoyable pursuit. We aim to make sure as we learn that everybody is relaxed and having fun.