Greenpoint College Training

Its been a real pleasure in late 2015 to be able to commission a new PA for Greenpoint Christian College. One of the key points is to ensure that we set it up so that the staff and students are able to actively participate in the weekly events. For a lot of people learning how to use and manage a … Read More

Stretching yourself

Lets face it, most of what we attempt to do when mixing these days is far less technical and has a lot less ‘black magic’ than it used to be. In “the old days” unless you understood all sorts of levels, impedances and were OK at maths-on-the-run, as well as being able to do it all quickly at the gig, … Read More

If you can’t beat them……….

OK, so more stories from the wilds of live broadcast. This one comes from the realm of the Australian Tennis Open in Melbourne. The studio mic setup was pretty simple as far as inputs go, it consisted of four handheld dynamic omni mics, two for the hosts and two for guests, and most of the time there was only one … Read More

Sydney New Years Eve

  At first glance it all looks pretty simple, you play some music, there’s projection and fireworks and lights and as long as you start right on midnight,everybody’s happy right? However there is of course more than meets the eye. NYE is a well oiled machine, there are several layers of redundancy, both musically and technically and it all has … Read More

In Her Footsteps

I had the privilege to be a part of the team for “In Her Footsteps” a documentary about poverty relief in India. The project was the brainchild of Opportunity International, and partnering with production company Karbon, produced the 90min film for cinema release as well as a shorter 45min version for TV. The project involved taking 20 Australian women on … Read More

Singapore National Days

Singapore National Day is an annual celebration of independence and national pride. The venue is spectacular, it’s a huge floating stage held on the Marina Bay Harbour, and is attended by well over 20,000 people as well as live broadcast to Asia. We look after the music replay as well as timecode co-ordination for lighting, pyrotechnics, stage management and IEM … Read More

Sydney Opera House Easter Broadcast With a bump-in time of midnight Saturday night, and going live to air on Ch7 from 6am on Sunday morning, time was everything for the Wesley Mission ‘Rise and Shine’ Broadcast from the Sydney Opera House. For the music mix to broadcast we were using the Roland M400 and digital multicore for the job and it proved it’s worth … Read More