Gear and knowledge don’t automatically equal skill and technique, any more than owning a fast car and knowing how to drive makes you an F1 driver.
We teach you skills and techniques based on over 25years of industry experience so you can truly use your gear effectively to produce the best results you can.
Not at all. The concepts and techniques we teach are clear, easy to implement and to remember.
Like any new skill it takes practise to perfect and become a habit, but you’ll be surprised how quickly that happens. We also teach easy to pass on techniques, so the team can learn to teach newcomers themselves.
People learn at different paces and in different ways, however most people will get the “Aha!” moment at some point and then it all flows quickly from then on.
Through using iPads and other familiar devices, the environment for learning is familiar, even if the topic is new, so most people learn fairly quickly over a few sessions either within a day or over a few weeks.
We customise the courses and services to suit you. Some like to go hard and get it all in one day, others like to spread it out over a few weeks in smaller chunks.
A lot also depends on the class size. We take a vey much ‘hands-on’ style of teaching so the more people the more time you need to give everybody a chance to really learn by doing.
Over the years we have found that the best size for a class is around 6 people. This maximises hands on time as well as avoids having people wait too long for their turn on the buttons.
Having said that we have run classes of up to 10 people and when this is the case we tend to run people in pairs.
Each course is customised to your need and situation, so once we chat and get a picture of who you are, we will be able to give you an accurate quote.
Whenever possible we try very hard to work to your budget.
We can certainly advise you on the way to go to upgrade equipment or plan to expand your system.
We sibling rivalry cause and effect essay are not a retailer, nor associated with any one retailer, however we have many contacts from our years in the industry so can put you in touch with people and places to go that we trust and know will do the right thing by you.
Often after a full days training on the Saturday, we will be with your team for the Sunday morning service and then have lunch together afterwards to discuss how things went. This way we find you start off your new habits with a great weekend at church.
Our goal is to have your team up and running and self sufficient quickly.
Yes. All of our instructors have a WWC check and have been working with various schools, church and theatre groups involving minors for many years.
One of the big things that makes a difference is having somebody to go to when a question arises.
We do our utmost to always be available during reasonable hours of the day and will always chat if we’re not in the middle of a show ourselves.
Also there is always email so you can leave a message and we’ll get back tohomework help service you as soon as we can.


Yes we can. We can organise anything you need. We work with many companies and individuals so that you have access to the right equipment and gear for the job. From staging to audio, lighting, vision and media, we can make it work for you.
Trevor Beck, the director of Tonedef has over 25yrs of industry experience on events from multiple Olympic and Commonwealth Games ceremonies, live and studio album productions, television events and location audio. In addition we work with many operators who are also highly qualified.
So we match the right people to your job, but be assured all our operators are highly skilled and great to work with.
The earlier the better. If we can get in on the ground floor so to speak, then we can contribute as best we can to help the event be effective for you. It also helps us to get the best pricing, gear and people for you.
Apart form the obvious, such as time, place, and size of event, it really helps if you can tell us what sort of feel you want. Is it corporate? Fun? Dance?
Of course if you have an idea of budget that helps greatly, that way, we can sit with you and plan as best we can towards what you’d like to spend so there are no surprises later.
No. As we have contacts all over the country that we work with, we can stage an event with you anywhere you need it.
We are more than happy to put you in touch with clients so you can hear from them how happy they are with what we do for them.

Studio and Recording

Our main workstation is Protools, however we can import projects from Logic, Cubase etc as needed.
We have classic mics such as Neumann U67’s and 87’s, AKG C414 and C28, Shure KSM series and many many more.
Monitoring is on Dynaudio mid-fields and Genelec near-fields.
We mix on real faders, not a mouse, on a control 24.
We often will do a quick temp mix of one of your tracks so you can hear what we do, and we get to know you too.
Its important that both of us enjoy working together and enjoy the project, it brings out the best.So we match the right people to your job, but be assured all our operators are highly skilled and great to work with.
We don’t do mastering ourselves, thats a whole separate field, and we believe a fresh set of expert ears across your end product will bring that final touch to your project. We do however work closely with a number of mastering engineers so can match your project to the best mastering service for you.
Yes we can. There are criteria to meet, but if we are aware of the end goal before we begin, then we’ll ensure that we meet all those criteria so we can maximise your exposure to the the world.
LKFS is all about level (or volume) matching. Its the best attempt so far to try and keep everything you hear from jumping around too much in volume.
There are several standards depending on which region or country your product will end up in, but we have the software to ensure we get it right.
Yes it does. Every product that goes to air has to be checked by an independent authority for approval, both vision and audio. If you don’t meet the spec the job can be rejected or you have to pay more to get it corrected. Its an expense that theres no need for if you get it right in the first place.