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Post Production

We can look after all production aspects of causes and effects topics your event to ensure everything goes as planned.
If you want to multi-track record an event for you to mix later, or do a live stereo mix of the night, or stream to the web with vision, there are many options available to suit your needs.
Event production management is what we do.
We can organise staging, lighting, audio and vision along with anything else you need.
In addition we can multi-track record the band for you to take and mix yourself, or just give you a stereo mix-down for web, broadcast or archiving.
We can als provide multi-tracking of the band along with premixed stems to simplify the final mix.
Complete studio facilities available as needed, whether it’s a full band tracking live together or mixing an album you’ve created on your own, we can bring the skills to your project that’ll take it to a new level of creativity and professionalism.
With a Protools HD3 studio system, world class mics and monitoring, you’ll get the sound you’re after.
Whether you’ve written and produced an album at home and are looking to get it mixed, or if you need the vocals recorded on a world class mic thru top end preamps we can help you finish off the project so it sounds great.
We can also get it mastered and onto iTunes and streaming platforms for you.
From location sound thru to the finished mix ready for broadcast, we can follow your project through with you from start to finish.
Post production is a specialty, we can provide a full mix as well as M&E mixes and if you need music written we have a number of composers you can collaborate with.
Location recording along with wild V/O as required.
Post production including foley services, noise and artefact reduction.
Premixes and stems provided along with full mixes.
All mixes are compliant with the current loudness LKFS standards for the country of broadcast.