Greenpoint College Training

Its been a real pleasure in late 2015 to be able to commission a new PA for Greenpoint Christian College. One of the key points is to ensure that we set it up so that the staff and students are able to actively participate in the weekly events.

For a lot of people learning how to use and manage a console is a hassle, particularly if all they need are a couple of radio mics and some playback. So for this the approach has been to set people up on their iPhones or iPads and create scenes for them. So when they walk in, they simply connect to the wifi for the system, then select the console app and recall their scene.

For there complex events, where bands and more mics are required, we’ve been training a few of the staff and students. Theres nothing more fun than watching students eyes light up when they mix a full band, its sounds great and they know they’ve done a great job.