With the integration of so much technology into schools, students quickly adapt to the live production world.
With some guidance and practical techniques, we can get your students to the level where they can run many of the schools week to week events at a high standard. We also help the team grow, so that they pass on the knowledge and skills to upcoming students.
Our most popular courses run as an extra-curricular course before or after school.
We run 90 minute sessions, over anything from four to 8 weeks, depending on the goal.
Students learn everything from stage layout, to patching to mixing and how to manage a project.
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Most production teams in churches are based around volunteers. They rarely do anything production related work outside of their church though, so bad habits can form. Its vital that we give them good skills so that they don’t perpetuate poor practises, and that the production level supports and reflects the time put in by all the creative and pastoral team.

We run many different styles of events for churches, from one-day marathon sessions to weekend events, to one-night-a-week over 4 to 6 weeks courses.
We go from basics to advanced techniques, keeping everything we teach simple and easy so the team can teach newcomers themselves. these courses are very much custom built to your specific gear and needs.
School and Community theatre is a wonderfully creative world, but sadly so often the production standard falls behind the staging, costumes and performances. With the right training and the right equipment, the production team can support and enhance the stage, and we provide the production teams with those skills and a solid technical knowledge base.
Working alongside your team, we teach them how to plan a performance, program the console, work with mics and FX, manage radio mics and other gear as well as how to work closely with stage management. The goal is always to get your team up to speed as quickly as possible so they can run a successful event themselves